Retaining Walls

There are few features that provide an equal balance of beauty and functionality; retaining walls are the exception. At Davies Landscape & Lawn Care, we have spent the past two decades offering exceptional landscaping services to homeowners throughout the area. In that time, we have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to provide complete solutions for your landscape design. With a combination of green space and hardscaping, you end up with a more visually appealing and practical space.

By installing a yard retaining wall, you give yourself more options. For instance, you can use the walls to add different layers to your planting beds so you can plant more. Many of our clients also install walls to create separate usable spaces. Your kids can play in the grassy areas and have a clear border between their play space and your landscape beds. To get inspiration about the many ways this feature can improve your property, talk to our designers in Cincinnati, OH.

Providing Protection for Your Landscape

Don’t let all your hard work slip away. Whether you used us for your landscape design or plants every single one of your plants and shrubs yourself, it would be a shame to let your perfect yard go to waste. Unfortunately, erosion happens, especially if your yard has any sort of incline.

Our landscape retaining walls are the perfect solution to your erosion problems.

In addition to erosion, our walls also protect certain areas of your property from pets and children. By installing a barrier, you give a visual, physical border to each space in your yard, which discourages pets and kids from getting into your hydrangeas.

Offering a Variety of Colors and Materials

You can clearly see the practical benefits of installing barriers in backyard. But our retaining wall installers want you to have style options so you can see the beauty these hardscape features have to offer as well.

We offer many different colors and textures in both natural stone and concrete block. Our professionals are happy to show you examples of past work so you can get inspired for your project.


Contact us today to learn more about our retaining wall installation services. We proudly serve clients in and around Cincinnati, Ohio.